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About Portugal B'side

"The value of things is not in the time they last, but in the intensity with which they occur. So there are unforgettable moments, inexplicable things and incomparable people." Fernando Pessoa

More than a travel agency, we specialize in providing authentic experiences to those who visit this country, providing information about the most authentic side of Portugal, the B side. We are passionate about our country and its rich history and tradition that is still preserved in various locations in Portugal. Therefore our mission is to let you know all this culture in an independent, safe and fun way through an itinerary specially designed for you, so you can enjoy true moments of pleasure through experiences that really interest you.

With our customized plans, we offer you the complete freedom to travel according to your interests and at your own pace, so you can decide what you want to do during the time you deem necessary. We have a strong network of partners from north to south, in order to provide you the best experiences and we are constantly updating this network so you can do more and better.

Now you can visit this beautiful country with so much to explore, in a quiet way and without worries, because Portugal B’side team handles all the paperwork needed leaving you the time and peace of mind to fully enjoy all the experiences. We are based in Portugal, as such you can count on our support in Portuguese territory through all of your trip.

Our commitment

Custom travel solutions - More than organizing trips, Portugal B’side stands out by providing unique experiences that lead you to live and see the most authentic in Portugal. Unlike the mass tourism, we want you to know the most genuine side of Portugal, at your own pace and needs, so you can experience the true culture and history of this country while living the most genuine traditions.

Safety, comfort and efficiency - When traveling with Portugal B’side our client don’t have to worry about booking services or planning the itineraries, we take care of all the necessary steps, so everything goes the way you want. All of our services are planned always focusing on the facilities and advantages that benefit the client. We are based in Portugal, as such you can rely on our support throughout your stay.

Prestigious partners - To organize unique and authentic trips, we have many partners from north to south, to meet different needs or desires of each client. Our network of partners - distributed by areas of accommodation, transport rental, activities and other support services - are chosen on the basis of quality, authenticity, and differentiation in order to honor our commitment and provide experiences that lead you to know the real Portugal.


"Thank you for all the professionalism and homeland knowledge, it was great for us because your customer support exceeded my expectations. Keep up with this personalized and quality service. Good luck, you deserve it. "

Laura and Camille, São Paulo, 2016-08-08

"I want to thank Portugal B'side for the excellent organization of my trip to Portugal, those were unforgettable moments. Plenty things to see and do, beautiful landscapes, not to mention the great food and atmosphere. A very special kiss to thank you for

Sergio e Aline, Rio de Janeiro, 2016-07-25