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Oporto - Portugal B'side

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Oporto Oporto Oporto Oporto Oporto Oporto Oporto

District: Oporto

Trivia: The inhabitants of Oporto are known as tripeiros and the city as the Cidade Invicta (Unvanquished City)

Some points of interest: Historical center, Cais da Ribeira, Foz do Douro, City Park, Clerigos Tower, Bolhão market, Serralves Foundation

Some activities: Tuk-tuk, Boat trip, Wine tasting, Golf

Typical: Rabelo Boat, Festas de São João (St. Jonh Feasts), Port Wine, Francesinha, Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá (codfish dish)

Oporto city, known as the Cidade Invicta (Unvanquished city), is a charming town situated on the northern coast of Portugal on Douro River’s banks, at about 300 km (186 miles) from the capital. The current city territory has been occupied since pre-historic times with probable origins in the Bronze Age. Since then there have been many people who passed and settled here, among them the Romans that allowed a period of great development and urbanization and the Barbarians people who converted the city to the Episcopal headquarters. The city was known at this time as Portus Cale, from which derives the current name of the country, Portugal, having become later the capital of Portucalense County. In 1123 the Bishop Hugo grants a charter to city residents, contributing to a strong trade and maritime and mercantile activities development, becoming the port of the city one of the most important of the country. In the 15th century, the legend says that during the preparation of the naval fleet for the conquest of Ceuta in 1415, the northern people offered all the available meat to the expedition, leaving only the guts (tripas) they had to eat for months. Because of this sacrifice the population of Oporto won the nickname of Tripeiros and the famous dish Tripas à Moda do Porto (Porto-style tripe and white bean stew). In the 17th century the wine trade emerges strongly, benefiting the Port Wine of an enviable quality thanks to the perfect natural conditions of the territory situated on the Douro River’s banks. The historic city center, darkened by the French invasion of the 19th century and revitalized in the 20th century offers us today a harmonious synthesis of ancient and contemporary attractions. In 1996 it was classified as Cultural Heritage due to its impressive monuments and beautiful historic buildings.

In the southern banks of Douro River are the famous Port Wine Cellars with superb views to the city. Find out Oporto and be amazed with its architectural beauty framed in a perfect natural setting. A contemporary and creative city in harmony with its hospitable and conservative character. Walk through downtown or drive to the riverside and feel the pulse of a city always on the move, full of history and culture. Enjoy a cruise on the Douro River where you will live unique experiences, observing unique landscapes through the most ancient demarcated wine region in the world.

Suggestions for itineraries that pass through this place::

  1. Traditional itinerary
  2. Authentic itinerary
  3. Flavors itinerary
  4. One day in Oporto

Recommended time:

2 to 4 days