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Fishing Fishing Fishing Fishing Fishing Fishing Fishing

Where: All country

Includes: Boat, guide and fishing equipment

We recommend: Appropriate clothes and footwear, sunscreen, hat

Portugal is a country with a privileged geography, standing at the crossroads of Africa, America and the rest of Europe, and the maritime routes between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, always keeping a strong connection and some dependence from sea. The Portugal Continental Shelf (an underwater land platform that extends through the Atlantic Ocean) is located in a transition zone to warmer ecosystems which leads to a large variety of marine species. In Portuguese waters it’s possible to find large predators like sharks, tunas and dolphins that approach the shallow and warmer coastal waters to feed on smaller fishes. There are a wide variety of other species in the Portuguese coast, such as sea bass, sea bream, octopus, cuttlefish, sole fish, mackerel, snapper, horse-mackerel, croaker among others. Fishing is an activity practiced in Portugal for thousands of years, being characterized today as a cultural tradition still very rooted with intends of being preserved. In Portugal, according to the location where the activity takes place, it is practiced three types of fishing: sea fishing, the most important for the economy of the country, when the fish is catch at sea in small boats near the coast (coastal fishing) or in larger vessels further offshore (deep sea fishing); river fishing where the fish catch takes place in the river using line or fishing net; and lagoon fishing where the catch takes place in lakes or ponds also practiced with line. In terms of techniques, traditional or artisanal fishing is the most practiced in Portugal, using catching techniques passed from generation to generation, in small and low-tonnage boats in most cases without motor, using lines and fishing net.

Tourist-wise, Portugal is a fantastic destination for recreational fishing with a long season and a wide variety of fish and fishing places, allowing different fishing experiences. Several competitions are organized annually for men, women, juniors and disabled people, as well as great fishing festivals. Enjoy your vacation to practice this activity in Portugal, choose between sea fishing in the Atlantic Ocean or freshwater fishing in one of the many rivers, lakes and dams, there are lots of possibilities in this small but rich country. We organize different types of experiences, suitable for all skill levels, from fun family fishing to large fisheries for the most experienced and adventurous ones, always accompanied by an experienced guide who will give you all the necessary support.

Notes: If you select this activity, Portugal B’side team will choose and suggest according to the Places that you included in your Travel Plan, were best fits this activity.

Recommended time:

min 4h