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Surf Surf Surf Surf Surf Surf Surf Surf

Where: Entire country coastline

Includes: Transfer, guide and surf equipment

We recommend: Swimsuit, towel and sunscreen

Portugal is considered one of the world's best surfing destinations, with several spots internationally recognized for its epic waves, like Ericeira awarded in 2011 with the title World Surfing Reserve (the first to receive this award in Europe and second in the World) or the Praia do Norte under the influence of "Nazaré Canyon" known for its big, perfect and amazing waves where McNamara made history by surfing in 2011 the biggest wave ever (to the date), estimated at about 30 meters (90 feet). The Portuguese coast is a gigantic beach for surfing, offering a high number of spots within short distance, ideal waves for all levels, perfect wind and plenty of sun throughout the year. With nearly 2000km of coastline facing the Atlantic Ocean, divided between mainland and islands, and packed with excellent Surf camps all over the country, Portugal is without a doubt the best surfing destination in Europe. There are numerous conditions favorable to the practice of this sport, like the temperate maritime climate with the sun present almost all year, water temperatures around 15ºC and 26ºC (60ºF - 80ºF) and consistent waves along the coast throughout the year. Portugal has a wide range of waves to offer and is ideal for all types of surfers, from beginners looking for peaceful spots with constant waves to improve their techniques, to professional or more radical surfers looking for epic surf trips. The best swells appear in late winter, early spring. Due to its geographical position, the country is blessed with excellent swell throughout the year being possible to find along the mainland coast more than 600km of beach break on open beaches or sheltered coves, and rocky breaks between them. A long coastline with many unknown spots willing to be found, where you can go not far from the famous crowded beaches to find a better wave than the one being contested by dozens of surfers. Every year, some of the best spots are home to major events and championships of the international surfing calendar. Beautiful beaches with all kinds of soil, waves all year round and proximity to culturally rich cities such as Lisbon and Porto, make Portugal the perfect destination for everyone.

Whether you are a beginner and want to learn this liberating sport in full contact with nature, or an experienced surfer looking for the perfect wave we have the ideal program for you. We have available surf lessons, programs for one day to follow the best surf spots, as well as surf trips organization. We will take you to the best surf spots, taking into account the weather conditions, the sea status and your skills level, providing you the best time surfing. Enjoy your holiday in an extremely healthy life style in communion with nature, with the added value of discovering fascinating landscapes, live a little of Portuguese culture and experience the best that Portugal has to offer.

*Notes: If you select this activity, Portugal B’side team will choose and suggest according to the Places that you included in your Travel Plan, were best fits this activity. 

Recommended time:

3 hours