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Local products tasting - Portugal B'side

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Local products tasting

Local products tasting Local products tasting Local products tasting Local products tasting Local products tasting Local products tasting Local products tasting

Where: All country

Includes: Local products

We recommend: Bring your palate refined to taste the most typical delicacies

Portugal is a country with a wide and varied range of food from traditional nature, where each region has its typical products, with their distinctive flavors and its own methods of creation. This diversity is due not only to different climates from region to region, but essentially from the cultural influence that ancestors left in the preparation of these foods, this heritage that has as living proof in the current rich and unique culinary patrimony. The traditional products production methods promote techniques of obtaining less processed foods with fewer additives or preservatives, using raw materials extracted from native resources and therefore in harmony with climate and soil conditions, satisfying the consumer preference for more genuine products and authentic flavors.

In Portugal, almost all locations have their typical product, often with DOC or DOP label (in english Protected Designation of Origin) to protect the true authenticity of the product. Tasting one of these products is to travel in time and space of the Portuguese tradition. Whether they are cheeses, pastries, sausages, jellies, typical snacks, among others, experience the location you are visiting tasting its typical flavors.


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Recommended time:

2 hours