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Santiago do Cacém - Portugal B'side

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Santiago do Cacém

Santiago do Cacém Santiago do Cacém Santiago do Cacém Santiago do Cacém Santiago do Cacém Santiago do Cacém Santiago do Cacém Santiago do Cacém Santiago do Cacém Santiago do Cacém Santiago do Cacém Santiago do Cacém Santiago do Cacém Santiago do Cacém Santiago do Cacém

District: Setúbal

Trivia: The first car in Portugal, Panhard & Levassor, was acquired by Jorge de Avillez, a rural aristocrat of Santiago do Cacém, in 1895. The first trip he made was between Lisbon and Santiago Cacém.

Some points of interest: Castle, Ruins of Miróbriga, Badoca Safari Park, Santo André Lagoon

Some activities: Walking tours, Jeep tour, Bird watching

Typical: Migas with black Iberian pig, Açorda, Eel stew, Alcomonias, Rebuçado de pinhão (candy with pine nut and honey), Bolo de Santiago (Cake), Torresmos (pork rinds)

Santiago do Cacém has a rich history, a unique architectural and archaeological heritage, with charming surrounding landscapes that invite the visitor to discover them. The origins of Santiago do Cacém city date back to prehistory, as testified by the archaeological finds from Miróbriga excavations. Later, during the Roman occupation, Santiago do Cacém becomes a passageway on the route connecting Lisbon to the Algarve, which contributes greatly to its development. From the hilltop of Santiago city highlights the Castle of 18th century, of Arabic origin, which have passed into the possession of Portugal during the reign of Afonso II, 13th century, later entrusted to the Knights of Order of Santiago. It is from the hill, where the castle's wall extends, that through the centuries grew from the hillside the Santiago village, narrow and inclined streets due to the hill’s relief, as a castle extension.

The region which includes Santiago do Cacém municipality is also rich in natural landscape. A scenario where the large Alentejo plains mix on one side with the mountains and the rugged terrain, on other side with the landscapes of extensive beaches and sea. The forest is also prevalent among the typical hot and dry Alentejo environment, and the predominant pine and cork oak forests with diverse fields of cereal crops, vineyards, fruit and vegetable products.

Enjoy a relaxing holidays in the fantastic Alentejo region and meet the illustrious history of Santiago city and its civil, religious and war defense architecture and walk through the picturesque villages, theme parks, archaeological sites, landscapes ranging from the golden plains to the verdant hills, without forgetting the municipality formidable beaches and lagoon.

Recommended time:

2 to 3 days