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Viseu - Portugal B'side

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District: Viseu

Trivia: Is known as the "City of Green Pine" or "Garden City" because is surrounded by huge pine trees and its beautiful well cared green spaces

Some points of interest: Cathedral of Viseu, Misericórdia Church, Grão Vasco Museum, Cava de Viriato

Some activities: Spa, Walking tours, Wine tasting, Golf

Typical: Sopa da Beira, Rancho à la Viseu, Lafões Roasted Veal, Castanhas de ovos of Viseu, Doces de Ovos of Viseu, Paper Flowers of Viseu, Cavalhadas de Vildemoinhos

Viseu is the city of famous wines, unique gastronomic delicacies, joyous popular festivals, rustic landscapes and a variety of cultural richness. In the middle of the sub-region Dão-Lafões, Viseu municipality produces among other things wheat, corn, rye, and an intense wine culture. In this region excellent wines are produced, like the liqueur wines at north, vinho verde of Lafões region and mature wines of Dão.

Historic city with traces of human occupation since Castros civilization and of important location in the era of Roman occupation in the Iberian Peninsula. The city is said to be the place where Viriato have been born, a brave leader of the Lusitanian tribe that fought the Romans in Portuguese territory. With a very rich history, Viseu enjoys an important material patrimony, such as religious buildings, museums and national monuments.

A city that nestles in the middle of the mountains, at north the Leomil, Montemuro and Lapa mountains, at northwest the Arado mountain, at south and southwest the Serra da Estrela and Lousã, and at west the Caramulo mountain. For this reason those who visit the city are dazzled by its landscapes formed by the dense pine forests and rivers of crystal clear water. In the surrounding area of the city let yourself surrender to the power of thermal waters in various Spas that exist there.

Suggestions for itineraries that pass through this place::

  1. Authentic itinerary
  2. Flavors itinerary

Recommended time:

1 to 2 days